March 1st, 2013


Fallout: New Vegas leather amor pants for AF and facepaint in CuriousB's colors

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Ok, so I don’t consider this fully finished. There’s still several places where the bone assignments could be ironed out, there’s not fat morph, and it was meant to be a full-body outfit, but the shoulders gave me so much trouble I decided to leave the for another day, but I think they're in shareable condition. I won’t be uploading it to GoS yet, but if anyone doesn’t mind those things I mentioned, here are the AF pants. (the assignments on the boots are fine, I’d say, so if anyone wants to make shoeswaps, go for it!)

I have absolutely nothing in my game that matches these.



The fine folks at Obsidian Entertainment for design/mesh/texture

Whoever made the Fallout modding tools, and made them in a way that doesn’t require three thousand additional .dll files

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That facepaint I made for Skellington7d for last year’s Christmas in July, in more colors than anyone would ever need. The swatch goes alphabetically from left top corner to bottom right. They’re enabled for all ages.