February 8th, 2014


[Oneshot]: With Good Intentions

"Tyyyyybalt! Tybbie Tybbie Tybbie, c'mere boy!"

"Cut that out!" Puck snapped, turning towards Juliette and almost toppling over in the process. The pond's bottom was soft and sludgy, making the teens sink up to their ankles and wetting the edges of Puck's rolled-up trousers. He wished he had just shucked them off, girls or none.

His flashlight skipped over Hermia; she hitched up her skirt and tied it aroung her hips, too shy to get it up any higher, and the expensive white fabric was soaked with pond grime. He hoped it would wash off. He modestly directed the light onto her face, and saw that it was streaked with tears.

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