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Strangeville, Round 1: Antonio & Co

They moved into one of the starter houses in Veronvaille, the one with two bedrooms upstairs. I always kinda hated it, but I hate building stuff myself even more.

When you move this household in, Antonio has three free days in a row, which is really, really annoying. Having nothing better to do in his empty house, he went to the non-madeover Veronaville grocery store.
Antonio: Didn't you wear that top as a child? Can't you afford new clothes?
Bianca: It's called vintage. What rock have you crawled from under? I guess they didn't have fashion there.
Antonio: And here I was about to compliment your frugality.

Such pleasant company.

I'm trying to curb the feud most of the time - deleting mean interactions when I see them, and so on - not because I want to patch up the relationships, but because sims can fight for eight hours at a time and nobody on the lot can get anything done while they're at it. But I'm going to let Antonio do whatever he pleases. "Bloodthirst" is an important phase of mourning.


He won't have any Capp under his roof, not even a tiny pink one. At least he's polite in ushering Desdemona out.
The adult-child "greet" is one of the cutest animations in the game, isn't it? <3

Since Hero's death, all of Antonio's efforts have been directed towards his children. Theirs is the only fully furnished room in the whole house, and Antonio's constantly fussing over them and spoiling them.

And yet, he somehow forgot about their birthdays. Oops?
Beatrice rolled Romance (she pretty much always gets this aspiration in my game, even though I use dice every time) and Family as secondary; Benedick got Family with Fortune. 

I wanted to keep Antonio an inconsolable widower, but he started rolling wants for other ladies pretty soon. Your wife died right before the game starts.

I sent the group to Willow River Amusement Park. I just downloaded it, and I wanted to see all the neat new items in action. Besides, isn't it pretty? It's going to be my #1 dating spot from now on.

Goooooh of course you dragged him along Bianca, thanks a LOT.

Kent: Arrrrghhhhh, my girlfriend's dad is so delicious I could just... just... rub my head against her brother's knee!!!!! *frot frot*
Antonio: I am going to murder you. (。・ω・。)

Mazel tov,  he's a real catch.

Antonio: Wheeeeeee. 

Hermia stood in the middle of the bumper car arena, heartfarting about Benedick. They have two bolts, but... I don't know. I'll see if they meet cooler people when they grow up.

The lot works like a charm, and townies do use the objects autonomously, as long as they aren't in a group/on a date with the playable. I really recommend that set!


Well, then.
Upon returning to Antonio's, everyone in the group but Bianca and Kent went home. It's a wonderful occasion for some unproductive fighting.

Kent: Youuuuuuuu son of a bitch, you just watch-- honey, you dumb brother gave me a boo-boo, oh, here. :(
Bianca: Awww, poor baby, does it hurt? My brave little fuzzie-woozie, I'll make it all better.
The Beginning of "Down With The Sickness": *blares in the background*

I turned the camera for a better angle, and realized they have been fighting on the very edge of a straight-up cliff.

Bianca: Did I miss something?
Nothing you would have liked to witness.

Several hours later, Antonio finally lost, but he managed to completely ruin Kent's night, so he's fine with it.

And the teens, being spoiled little shits they are, used the opportunity to stuff their faces with unhealthy food while dad was occupied.

Nobody's home. The outing is over. Go away.

Well, that's all the money they had, so the joke's on you, chancecard.

Benedick's OTH is Nature, dammit.

A quick look on the relationship panels: Benedick has three bolts with a random, un-made over downtownie, two with Hermia and Ginger (which I like much more), and one with Desdemonaand Bottom (who are, respectively, too cool for him and taken).

Antonio doesn't really have good chemistry with anyone he knows.

Still, better than the resident Romance sim, who doesn't like ANYONE.

Antonio ventured into the local Library to look for a potential mate (yeah, I know, thehottest dating spot in town. Don't judge me), but nothing, zilch, nada. It's just dudes and Vamsi Thayer, with whom he doesn't have any chemistry.

What is it with this megahood? If I had a curvy red-headed alien girl hitting on me, I wouldn't be that ungrateful. Bunch of losers.

The library has some really interesting lights. I thought this downtownie was glitching, at first glance.

The only two-bolter he met is this chick, but she's a giant asshole who still hasn't grown out of her teenage goth phase, so I'll pass.

Other things that happened on the lot: Miranda met a new friend (I heard this girl's face template is messed up :( too bad, I always thought she was adorable)...

...and Consort told Tom Freshe that he's not going to find a job in Business as long as Consort lives, and that he might forget about ever trying anything in Veronaville. Why, I don't know, I guess Consort's such a great boss that he needs to gracepeople who don't work for him yet with his attitude.

They can't afford a blind date, or even the modded crystal ball, so Phaenoh's phone book will have to do the trick.

Oh come on, this game is fucking with me.

Buuut! I did find someone both I and Antonio liked. He called her for a quick chat, and they hit it off, and they agreed to meet when he's got a night off.

Back to the twins for a second. Bianca's tripling the phone bill, and Benedick is swinging on the fridge door like a vandal. Ah, the joys of stress-free child raising.

Oh, my.

Buck, whom Beatrice invited over form school, incidentally turns out to be her three-bolter. They're really adorable together, though I don't know if I'll be tying them down - she's a Romance sim, he's a Pleasure one.

On the other hand, they're so cute...!


Buck: Wheeeeeeee! My dad never let me do that! Are you sure yours won't be mad?
Beatrice: Yeah, he won't mind. Knock yourself out.

Buck: UMPH! D-delicious...
Bianca: You want a second helping?
Buck: NO! No, thank you, I'm stuffed, thank you. It was great, thanks.
Beatrice: I'll pack the rest for you to take home. Beats canned mac&cheese, huh?
If they ever shack up, I'll jut leave cooking to Buck.

The terrible dinner doesn't deter him, fortunately.


Buck: So that's what real food tastes like. Sweetness, this is the best thing I've ever eaten. I... I think I'm going to cry.
Antonio: So you're from Strangetown, huh? Have you met Olive Specter? White hair, dresses in black? Damn, she's one fine woman. You know if she's single?
Buck: *chokes*

Antonio: HELLO CHILDREN! Your beloved father arrives with a paycheck in hand and new friend in tow! I am now ready to be lavished with attention!
Beatrice: *dgaf, PDA*
Julien: How heartwarming.

Dang! Look at my headmaster! That's one lucky throw of the dice.


Julien: The secret to the perfect sunny side up eggs is....
Antonio: *flop*

I would quote "The Exorcist" here, if I had seen it.

Julien: ...and, uh, to let them simmer a bit under the lid, RIGHT, ANTONIO?
The Headmaster was too busy snarfing on the snails to hear a single word said, fortunately. 8 cooking points will get your children places.

The kids blew the chit-chat, so they barely scraped by, but they managed to get accepted anyway.

I can't remember if Benedick wanted a job or if I just wanted him out of the house from time to time.

His highest-ranking hobby is Film & Literature, and they really could use some more money, so he's going to try his hand at writing,

I'm afraid Tank and Buck are doomed to a life of finding their girlfriends in flagranti with their brother.

Antonio: Bye, kids, I'm off for my date! You keep doing what you're doing, I don't mind... at all... I'm a cool father... I don't mind I don't mind I-don't-mind...

Marla turns out to be as interesting in person as she was on the phone.

Antonio likes her a lot, and is glad to have a chance to get to know her better.

Whoa, slow down, crazy, slow down! The date started three minutes ago!

Downtownie: YOINK
He just walked up to Antonio, took his food, and left with it. I wish I could care as little as this guy. He's my new inspiration in life.

Bartender: That's what I'm talking about!

Marla knows what she wants, I'll give her that.

Bartender: Ooooh, it's getting good!

(of course they're standing in everyone's way.)

Bartender: *composes fanmix in her head*

The date was a smash hit. I can't remember if they have three bolts or two, but that doesn't matter, they're getting married anyway.

Marla: *staaaaaare*
Ok, ok, jeez, wait until the next round.

It's a good day to be a Monty.

She had a wanto fall in love for a long time, and it was really cute, but now she immediately wants another lover. Maybe she and Buck can have an open relationship? That would definitely piss the General off, so I say yes.

Benedick: Guys, you won't believe it! I got a promotion! This is the most exciting thing to happen to me all week!
There, there, you'll be interesting one day.

They aren't the most interesting household out there, but I still enjoy playing them, especially Antonio. And I'm so excited about moving Marla in! I think they'll have really cute children. And I do wonder how his kids might  react to getting a new "mommy" who's barely older than them.
Thank you for reading!

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