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New shoe mesh on a bottom-only dress


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It's my birthday today (well. It's 4 am, so to be specific, it was tomorrow), so I decided to give you guys a gift! I figured that if I don't post it today, I never will, so I got myself together and finished the bone assignments. They aren't perfect, but they're playable.

The mesh comes for AF and doesn't have a fat morph (I'm sorry, I didn't have the energy after finishing the bone assignments to learn yet another new thing). The shoes are based on Sentate's t-straps, and mapped in a way that allows for non-distorted patterns. The files are compressorized and tooltipped.

I also included a .psd with the uvmap and textures, if anyone would like to recolor these.

There's one problem: the skirt doesn't look too good with most poseboxes. I have no idea why - it animates well in Milkshape, and all the Maxis poses, even the wild ones like jumping on the couch, look fine. I re-made the mesh several times and the result was always the same, so I just gave up, I'll leave the mystery for another day.

Sentate for the base shoe mesh and skirt mesh
Flinn for the dress texture

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