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Project MT, part I - Strangetown


Report #1, date-- -- -----

I've arrived in Strangetown today.

The accomodations are modest, but good enough; the climate is similiar to La Fiesta Tech, but very slightly colder. I'm afraid it won't provide much of a smooth transition when it's time to move into a non-desert area. Air pollution is relatively high, but livable; water isn't rationed, but citiziens are urged to be conscious in their usage. A more detailed report of the environmental conditions is included.

Before anything else, I want to make something clear. I will be doing this experiment on my own rules. They might not be optimal, and they might not be as efficient as our superiors would like, but I've lived among simkind for four years now; and while I'm still far from understanding them completely, I've learned enough to know that the behavior suggested by the project leader would be hurtful to everyone involved and, in the worst case scenario, potentially dangerous to me and the children. So I will give myself time to get to know all potential donors and assess the situation, and will not rush anything for the sake of Pollination Designer #420's monthly briefing.
I'm giving my entire life to research. I feel I have the right to decide how to do it.

I'd also like to remind you that the money transfer hasn't come through yet. While I found a job almost immediately - Strangetown's #1 industry is scientific research, so even a fresh college graduate like me was welcome - it doesn't pay very well, and I'm missing some essentials, such as a computer. Right now, I'm writing this down in a plain notebook, and planning to find a public terminal to type it out, but you must agree it's not very convenient.

I'm glad I chose this town as my first stop. Small, secluded communities such as this one are often considered untolerant or xenophobic by city sims, but I've met with nothing but kindness here. Nobody batted an eye when I joined my neighbors in the recreational area. I suppose it's due to the scientific spirit of the community.

I tried looking for suitable men in the local bar; I assumed it would be the most popular evening spot in town, but it was mostly empty. The only man in there was the bartender, who, while handsome and young, I classify as grade E. He smokes a lot; if the smell didn't give him away, the alarming cough would have, and he looks overall unhealthy. He also didn't seem interested in me in the slightest.

This is not to say he was unpleasant or hostile; rather completely unwilling to socialize.

I considered going home for the day, but wanted to check out the local mall on my way home, and I'm lucky I did - the solution of the mystery of Strangetown's complete lack of surprise at my skin color walked right past by me.

Turns out I'm not the only alien in town, not by far. I caught up with the hybrid in the grocery store. To be honest, I had no idea what to say to her, so I sort of stood there, wringing my hands, until she noticed me; she immediately approached me, equally excited to see a kin as I was.

Her name is Lola Curious. She works as a lawyer, and is, by all accounts, a satisfied and successful individual. She informed me that there are several other aliens in town - her younger sister, Chloe Curious, her two nieces and a nephew, and her father, PT#9. An actual retired pollinator! I must ask why I wasn't informed of his residence in town in the mission brief. I could have gone straight to him. I'd be grateful to be informed of other alien residents where I arrive, if there are any; it's always safer to have someone of your own kind close by.

Chloe agreed to set me up for a meeting with her father - in fact, she was generous enough to invite me for a family outing, all the way Downtown, and even offered to drive me there. I really am lucky to have met her. She seems so excited to help me, and if her knowing wink was any indication, she either knows something about the nature of my mission, or just good-naturedly wants a sister to get laid, as my old college roommate would say.

Pascal Curious, Lola's half-brother, works in the same facility in me, though in the bioengineering department. I classified him as class B in physical and mental terms, butI'm inclined to value him even higher; as a father of one hybrid and brother to two, he's the most likely to accept an outright offer. He's also highly intelligent, healthy, and fit; I suggest him as the first choice.

There was another man, too. Unsuitable by all accounts, but... I have a feeling he might be more alien to simkind than I am. He doesn't look fully human. While I know it's not a good idea, I can't help but wonder what results cooperation with him might bring. I rank him as class C, just to keep him in the database.
He refused to give me his name.

PT#9 is wonderful, no other word for that. He's got decades of experience of both pollinating and living among sims; we spent most of the outing standing around and just talking. His advice is invaluable; he was part of the first wave of Project MT. Rather than wander about, collecting different genetics, he settled down and had two children with the same woman. He was visibly excited to hear of the way the Project developed, and asked me to call him any time I need help or advice.

This is all I have to report for now. In the coming days I'll do my best to make the offer to Pascal Curious, and to look for other potential volunteers, should he decline.

Test Subject #3, Stella Terrano, Strangetown.

Report #2, date-- -- -----

Mr Curious proved to be difficult to approach, mostly because he's always so busy. Between work and caring for his daughter, he doesn't have the time to talk to me; I could propably call him after work, but I feel this matter should be discussed eye to eye.
(Besides, I'm terrified of using phones.)

I spent some time doing research on other possible candidates. Going out and greeting men at random is ineffective, and I'm not comfortable with aproaching complete strangers anyway. Instead, I befriended a co-worker of mine - Crystal Vu, the bioengineering department's secretary. She proved to be a veritable source of information... even accounting for some slight bias.

"No, he doesn't have a girlfriend. The man's married to his work, would glue himself to the airflow bench if he could. Why? Are you interested?"
"Yes, actually. A lot."
"I'd give up if I were you. He never pays attention to anyone that isn't elbows-deep in agar. I've worked with him for years, and he never mentioned seeing anyone, always stays late after work... well, used to, before he had a daughter. But you would have more luck trying to date a mannequin. At least it would always be there for you."
"I am not planning on marrying him, Crystal, I just want to have sex with him."
It always amuses me how surprised people are when I say things like that outright. They say I'm shy, but they are the ones not used to talking about their basic biologic functions. It's just one of those cultural differences that make sims so hard to read for us. Or maybe they just assume I'm too innocent and polite to possibly be interested in sex?

"In that case, you might consider someone else. What about Cyd?"
"Pascal's assistant?"
"Loki's assistant, actually, but yes, him. He's kind of a..."
"I wanted to say "whore". But he's a good kid. Really dumb, but will be be nice to you, and will call you the next day."
"Anyone else I could consider?"
"Is this some kind of research? "The Fuckability Of Strangetown Males: The Study"? You scientist can't even date without making graphs."

"There's General Grunt... I don't recommend him. He's not as anti-alien as he used to be... but he's completely cuckoo. Thinks his dead wife just ran away. He's got one son in college. Junior's basically mini-Buzz, only boring. There's Loner..."
"The bar owner, yes. I've met him."
"Don't bother. You could walk into the bar naked and he would just warn you he doesn't do tabs. That's everyone, I guess. Everyone else is taken, or dead, or crazy."
"Thank you, Crystal. You helped me a lot."
"You're welcome... Is that a voice recorder? Are you kiddi-"
-end of transcript-

Cyd Roseland, who happens to be my neighbor, is my second choice after Pascal. I rank him as class A. He places his health above anything else; he doesn't drink alcohol or smoke - he even avoids carbonated drinks. He regularly exercises. Aside from physical qualities, he's also intelligent (doesn't matter what Crystal says; he's simple, but not stupid. He's quite proficient in his field), and very friendly. I have to admit, I'm very attracted to him.
The reason he isn't my first choice?

I don't feel he would be fine with having a child, and I don't feel that learning that I do not expect any help or even contact from him would help him in any way. In many ways, he's still a child himself, and for sims, becoming a parent is a rite of passage; everyone is expected to provide for their children, and it changes a person. I would feel guilty shattering his happy youth like that; but I would consider not informing him of his heir reprehensible.
I'm commited to the cause. If the need arises, I'm ready to use treachery. But only if it does arise; as long as I have any other way out, I will not trick anyone into doing something without their knowledge.

Besides, he seems to be a person of interest to Chloe Curious, and I'd hate to make an enemy of PT#9's daughter. Especially since Crystal spent many lunch breaks telling me of that girl's escapades, and she reportedly has a very short fuse.

Test Subject #3, Stella Terrano, Strangetown.

Report #3, date -- -- ----

Tonight, Pascal Curious invited me to dinner. I'm grateful that he was the one to come forth with an invitation; I have a feeling I have PT#9 to thank for this.

My choice of greeting turned out to be uncommon, if his laughter is any indication, but he didn't seem put off. He's very understanding. I really am lucky to have met him.

Pascal has two brothers - Vidcund and Lazlo, both botanists. I had a feeling Vidcund wasn't too happy to see me, and I was right.

I also met Pascal's daughter, Dorothea. She's a healthy, happy, bright toddler, friendly and a bit of a coquette; she kept bringing me her toys, and made me listen to her sing a nursery rhyme. Pascal is visibly doting on her. Seeing this stoic, brilliant man on all fours, pretending to be a dinosaur to entertain his child, is unreal.

I explained the specifics of the experiment to Pascal over dinner (nothing classified, of course).

"Our numbers are steadily decreasing; soon there won't be enough of us to procreate among ourselves. Hence the Project Hybrid - by mixing genetics of our kind and fertile, resilient sims, we receive fertile, resilient Balzabians, ready to repopulate our planet."
"Of course. PT has told us all about it. It's a very noble cause. And interesting, form a scientific viewpont. You've taken the evolution of your own species into your hands."
"Exactly. Spaceship pollinations were the first phase of the project; we were testing the adaptation to inter-species pregnancies on willful volunteers in medically controlled environment for years, and we've finally become satisfied with the safety of the procedure. It seems there are no complications at all - sims and Balzabians are 100% compatible. That's why we've moved onto phase 2."
"So you are discontinuing phase 1?", asked Vidcund. It was the first time he spoke up since we started eating. in fact, it was the first time he even looked at me.
"Singling out volunteers and beaming them up is very inefficient. We need greater numbers and higher control over pollination. Phase 2 is a much better way to single out suitable candidates."

"So you've done enough of us? We were good for experiments, but nothing else? Is that why your employers didn't want me?"
"Vidcund..." Pascal said with a warning in his voice, but this only agitated his brother more.
"No! I've waited all my life for my child. Everything PT told us! The noble mission, the eternal gratefullness of his people, all that crap! The goddamn baby books I've read, and all that time spent looking up at the sky, waiting for your spaceship to grace me! What is so outstanding about Pascal that he gets two chances, and I get none? What makes him so suitable?"
I honestly didn't know what to say. I don't fare well in confrontations, especially ones I'm unprepared for. I was too stunned to inform him of our upcoming plan of opening pollination centers in Balzabian embassies.

"Vidcund, can we talk about this later?" Pascal said. I am afraid I might have caused a rift between the brothers, but I suppose it wasn't the first nor last time the topic came up, and I was just the latest catalyst.

Vidcund left the table with a lot of ostentatious clatter; I felt it was time to leave.

Pascal and I made plans to meet tomorrow at my house. We'll see where it leads us.

Test Subject #3, Stella Terrano, Strangetown.

Report #4, date -- -- ----

I'd like to report that I am now pregnant, in accordance with the schedule.

I prefer to keep the details to myself, unless they're absolutely required. Suffice to say Pascal Curious was, without doubt, the best choice I could make, and I'm honored that I'll be raising his child. 

I've already started feeling the discomfort of pregnancy. I've been spared morning sickness, for the most part...

...but I'm exhausted all the time - yesterday I passed out on the sidewalk. My neighbors had to carry me home. How common is this in hybrid pregnancies? I asked Jenny Smith - PT#9's wife, and a nurse with years-long experience - for a check-up, and she said everything seems to be in order, but I'd like to make sure. I think I'll schedule an appointment with another doctor, just to be on the safe side. I've also started taking folic acid. Are there any vitamin supplements or changes in my diet I should implement? I would be grateful for a quick reply.

I have to admit, Status, that I'm scared.

The support of the Curioses (most of them) and Smiths really helps; it feels like I have a new family, bringing me gifts and dropping by after work to see if I need anything. But I've decided to leave Strangetown before the third trimester. I feel that if Pascal sees his child, and I see his reaction... I won't be able to leave. We've become really close, and I already dread the
day we will have to part.

It's so tempting, to stay here... Jenny and PT#9 offered me a room in their house... but I made a choice to spend my life on aiding our people, and I knew what I'd be giving up by making it. I've started looking for a new town to live in.

Test Subject #3, Stella Terrano, Strangetown.

Report #5, day -- -- ----

I include:
- the full set of results from my medical examinations
- the list of expenses
- a sample of Pascal, Vidcund, and Lazlo Curious' DNA samples and signed agreements to include them in our new volunteer database.

This is the last report I'm sending from Strangetown. I leave for Veronaville tomorrow. I am in the process of packing, and already gave my notices to my landlord and my boss.

That's all I have to tell you for now.

Test Subject #3, Stella Terrano, Strangetown.


And that concludes round I! Veronaville's next only because it's the actual main hood - I'm playing this challenge in a copy of my Strangeville, and I'll be adding a new subhood after each part. Some clarification:
- Sims are "classified" by chemistry. So Ajay, who had negative chemistry with Stella, is class E, and Cyd, with whom she has 3 bolts, is class A. But chemistry won't be the deciding factor: I'd rather choose sims who make sense story-wise.
- I nicked the name "Balzabians" from simsgates, because it's the only name for the Maxis brand of alien that I like, and I loosely based the backstory on strange_tomato's theory on the reason for abductions.
- I'll propably have to reload a lot to get non-green babies.
- I'll try to have Stella support herself, but some kaching here and there will be necessary - her employers must give her some funds.
- Project MT = Project Moonbeam Trail :p big thanks to aledstrange for coming up with the challenge!
- Stella has a single operator assigned to her; she'll be sending reports and requests straight to them, allowing them to filter out personal information before her reports are presented to a broader audience. She doesn't know them in person.
- Can somebody tell me why everything I write sounds so pompous
- Thank you for reading!
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  • (no subject)

    The round in Pleasantview is almost over, but I still have to write everything down and take staged pictures. It's taking more time than the…

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    I think I can safely say nobody else will vote so many days after the entry was posted. And the winner is... YO WHERE DID YOU ALL EVEN COME…

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    Report #5, date -- -- ---- I've arrived in Veronaville without any problems, except for the brief syncope while the plane was lowering.…