krolowa_francji (krolowa_francji) wrote,

A set of Maxis-match eyes on Maxis' sclera

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I wanted to wait with posting these, and make them a part of my next followers’ gift, but I hate holding onto something when I know it’s ready to be posted. :[

They come in six natural shades - blue, grey, sea green (ok, that’s stretching the “natural part” a bit), brown, hazel and green, with three variations - dark, vibrant, and pale - each; and ten shades inspired by the original Red vs Blue cast’s armors, just for fun

Their genetics values are as labelled on the swatch - the dark naturals are dominant, pale and vibrant naturals are recessive, and the RvB ones are very recessive, since the colors are kind of outrageous

They come in either custom or townified + geneticized version; you can have only one in your game!


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