krolowa_francji (krolowa_francji) wrote,

Let 'Em Know: 64 YAM/AM t-shirts

Tags: cc, download

  • Project MT, part I - Strangetown

    Report #1, date-- -- ----- I've arrived in Strangetown today. The accomodations are modest, but good enough; the climate is similiar…

  • Strangeville, Round 1: Antonio & Co

    They moved into one of the starter houses in Veronvaille, the one with two bedrooms upstairs. I always kinda hated it, but I hate building…

  • Strangeville, Round 1: Capp Mansion

    Arts & Crafts isn't Consort's OTH, but he started doing it on his own, and I only noticed when the hobby leader turned up, so…

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