14 graphic t-shirts for guys


I’m kind of anxious to share these, since I feel like using my own art on cc makes me look like a giant tool. But I don’t have enough clothes for guys in my game, and I wanted to use some resources I had complete rights to for a change. :p I hope someone out there will find some of them useful! (let me tell you, I think I prefer painting a texture from scratch to trying to make a graphic look well on a t-shirt.)

Due to uv-mapping, most of the shirts will look pretty stretched on fat sims, unfortunately. 

All of the shirts have the same wristband. Compressorized and tooltipped. Mesh by FantasyRogue included.


FantasyRogue for the mesh

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The round in Pleasantview is almost over, but I still have to write everything down and take staged pictures. It's taking more time than the previous hoods, because a) Stella didn't like ANYONE there, b) I don't like Pleasantview much myself, c) Dragon Age: Origins. But I'm working on it! As soon as I figure out where I want the narration in this part go, everything else is a snap. 
And, for the interested, spoilers:

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New shoe mesh on a bottom-only dress


Previews: 1 - 2 - 3



It's my birthday today (well. It's 4 am, so to be specific, it was tomorrow), so I decided to give you guys a gift! I figured that if I don't post it today, I never will, so I got myself together and finished the bone assignments. They aren't perfect, but they're playable.

The mesh comes for AF and doesn't have a fat morph (I'm sorry, I didn't have the energy after finishing the bone assignments to learn yet another new thing). The shoes are based on Sentate's t-straps, and mapped in a way that allows for non-distorted patterns. The files are compressorized and tooltipped.

I also included a .psd with the uvmap and textures, if anyone would like to recolor these.

There's one problem: the skirt doesn't look too good with most poseboxes. I have no idea why - it animates well in Milkshape, and all the Maxis poses, even the wild ones like jumping on the couch, look fine. I re-made the mesh several times and the result was always the same, so I just gave up, I'll leave the mystery for another day.

Sentate for the base shoe mesh and skirt mesh
Flinn for the dress texture