Barkertown Archives #1

Barkertown Archives are scraps of articles, photos, and other memorabiliae Leslie started collecting in hopes of setting up a Museum for her settlers one day. It might also double as a blackmail stash, but mostly, it's just memories, generally fond ones.
Whenever I feel like making an extra photoshoot, or drawing something Barkertown related, or even just talking about it, it will go under this tag; and I do plan to make some of this stuff into cc for a Museum, if I gather enough! I miss my BaCC dearly, and I hope it will encourage me to finally get to work and start playing it again. 


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I'm going for a two week vacation, and I don't know how often I'll have access to wi-fi, so I won't be very active for a while. I'll get back to any comments and messages I may get once I come home. See you later, everyone!

Has anyone seen something like this?

Crisis averted! Loadign without cc made the hood look normal. SO now I only have to somehow find the faulty file, woo. There goes my evening. I wonder what piece of cc could wreck the game so hard? And why do I have a feeling it's that hair I was testing?
I opened my shiny new uberhood, inteding to take pictures of Veronaville amkeovers, and this is what greeted me:

Buildings from the subhood Strangetown and Academie Le Tour, perched majestically on freshly made cliffs or directly on clouds.
I haven’t been messing with neighbourhood files or templates! It worked just fine yesterday. The only thing I did that could cause it was trying to make a hair mesh package, since it did require me to go poking around the basegame files, but I didn’t change anything in those.  I'll try running the game without any cc, maybe it's just some crummy package... I really hope it is. :(  I do have a backup, but I can't remember when I made it, and I will propably have to play a lot of families again.